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Shoes Ryka Women’s Shoes

Ryka is a footwear company for the woman only! That’s right all shoes Ryka sells are inspired and designed by women. Women's Ryka shoes celebrate fitness as an essential part of a happier, healthier lifestyle. The RYKA woman seeks balance in all aspects of her life. She is Confident, Inspiring, Vibrant, Smart and Sophisticated. This is captured in all shoes Ryka produces. We have Ryka Walking Shoes and Ryka Running Shoes. The Ryka brand’s mission of enhancing women’s lives through fitness, remains committed today and is exclusively to women.
Most importantly every shoes ryka you see are in stock and ready to ship.

Shoes Ryka - Women’s Ryka Shoes - Ryka Walking

History shoes Ryka:
A woman named Sheri Poe created Ryka in 1987. Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit, and frustrated by the lack of well designed athletic shoes for women, Sheri decided to create a footwear brand that fit. Although Ms. Poe no longer runs the company (they are privately owned by American Sporting Goods Corp.), they proudly carry on her work of creating performance fitness products for women and the brand's mission of enhancing women's lives through fitness.

Today Ryka shoes remain committed exclusively to women shoes.

About Ryka Footwear:
All Ryka shoes are made based on the mold or shape of a woman's foot, and are designed and developed taking into account a women's unique fit needs - narrower in the heel and wider in the forefoot. Women’s toes need more room. Shoes Ryka produces offer outstanding fit and exceptional comfort.
Shoes Ryka produces also consistently place among the highest rated in the industry. After all, if your shoes don't work out, neither will you.

See RYKA Inspired & Designed by Women For Women!

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shoes ryka - women's ryka - ryka walking

Featured WOMENS Ryka:

running shoes | joggers | trainers |
Womens RYKA
Desire Low
MSRP $70
On Sale Price! $34.99
Womens RYKA
Illusion Lo
MSRP $60
On Sale Price! $40.22
Womens RYKA
Cross Training
Enhance 2 Mid
MSRP $93
On Sale Price! $61.99
training shoes | fitness trainers |
Womens RYKA
Cross Training
Endure XT 2
MSRP $60
On Sale Price! $39.98

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A Certified Customer Review: Womens RYKA Cross Training Shoe Review
Running shoes | athletic shoes | Training shoes |
Womens RYKA T2 Trainer
Price $34.99
Average Rating: A Certified Customer Review: Womens RYKA Cross Training Shoe Review Based On (1) Reviews

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